NO BalenaEtcher version for Raspberry PI400

As I am a big fan of Raspberry, I bought a PI 400 and I planned to use it as my main PI related project development platform…

BUT I did not find a suitable version of Etcher !
What a shame !

Hola @Elbarbudo thank you for writing here your issue! welcome to the community!

At the moment there is non an official balenaEtcher version compatible with aarch64. We are working on this.

What OS would you like to use with balenaEtcher on the Raspberry Pi 400?

Thanks, but it is rather surprising that a company working on Raspberry Pi does not have this program on a Raspberry.

I mainly use Raspi OS on my raspberries.

Thanks for the feedback, @elbarbudo! We definitely hear you! Like my teammate said, it’s something we’re working on. Even so far as to grow the Etcher team (we actually have a job opening for an engineer to work on Etcher). If you know anyone with some serious skills, please send them our way :slight_smile: