WOW!!! Super frustrating!!!!!

My god this is frustrating and I am kliterally tearing my hair oput this is making me so angry.

Ive done this before without any incident and balena worked absolutely fine. Did what it is supposed to do but now hwne I try to downlaod and install/use it, it does NOTHING!!!

Not only that, every time it asks me to execute and I press the execute button, it just does absolutely nothing. EVEN AFTER changing permissions and all. I really don’t get it and do not understand hy linux and everything that involves it has to be SOOOOOO frustrating and difficult. Something that someone wants to use on a regular, norrmal basis should NOT be this frustrating. I’m about to walk away from this Linux forever!!! It’s no fun feeling like you’re a complete moron. It;s one thing to tinker around and find a workaround but this, like alot of things with Linux, is just over and beyond a workaround or tinkering. This is crazy!!! Please HELP???

Hi - would love to help you out with Etcher. Can you walk us through the steps that you went through? I understand you are using Etcher on Linux?

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 400. I download the Linux version for 64 bit, then cd to Downloads and unzip the file, then I put xdg-open filename and a window comes up asking me if I want to execute, execute in terminal, or cancel. I click execute and absolutely nothing happens. I’ve tried downloading the 32 bit version also with no luck. Funny thing is, I was able to get it installed and working on my Raspberry Pi before. I don’t know why it’s doing this. I’ve even changed permissions on the file to anyone on rwx and still nothing, although I’ve never had to do this before to get it to work. What gives???

To clarify, you’re trying to install and use balenaEtcher on a Raspberry Pi 400, and the download doesn’t run? Can you tell us how you downloaded etcher? Was it from the homepage at balenaEtcher - Flash OS images to SD cards & USB drives?

If so, those builds are for PCs, and won’t run on a Raspberry Pi, which uses a different CPU architecture. Etcher can run on the Pi, but we don’t have binaries built for those, as it’s not something most users want to do. If you have a PC (x86, like Intel or AMD) available running Windows, macOS, or Linux, that would be the easiest way to get Etcher running.