Install etcher on a raspberry pi 4

How do I install etcher on a Raspberry pi 4.

Ummmm never mind a little more digging and I found out that it is not supported as of yet.

I have just finished build an Etcher version for the Raspberry Pi 4.
Install package available here -

sudo apt-get install ./balena-etcher-electron_1.5.63_Raspbian_Buster_armhf.deb

Hey, that is great to hear, thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: Did you run into any issues getting it to build?

Yes there were many issues. The problem is trying to find compatible armv7 versions of some of the components needed. Also there seems to be missing information in the documentation for the build instructions. In the end I got the app to build ok but the packaging system keeps failing so I built the .deb package manually.

Makes sense, I was looking around in the forums and found this thread Trying to build Etcher on Raspberry Pi 4 which seems to tell a very similar story up to the packaging issues. If you have time and want to give some pointers in that thread I am sure it will be very helpful for other users. Great job and thanks again for making these available for the community.