No Sound from Balena

Hey there.
Really hoping for some help. I am having some issues with getting sound from Balena Sound on RPI 3
All services in my dashboard summary shows running. Running latest OS and my configs are:
Define DT Parameters:

To enable the hifi berry DAC+ pro:
BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay =hifiberry-dacplus

And a device variable for:
Audio output = AUTO

when I start playback using Spotify, I can see the OS starting playback in on the Logs. It states Name of the song and time and datestamp.

There is absolutely no sound coming from the speakers however. Any Ideas what to do will be massively helpful.


Can you try AUDIO_OUTPUT to be DAC?
Also, make sure you have spelled the device variable correctly with the underscore

Also, is it only Spotify that’s the issue - or do you not even see Airplay and Bluetooth options?
That might perhaps narrow it down to a particular service. Although its unlikely, because you see the song details in the cloud.

Thanks I will try this. And see the effect.

I actually never checked airplay and bluetooth. As it would have it, neither actually show up in my device’s list. I have only attempted using the spotify app directly and that continues to see the device.
But yes, the songs are shown in the cloud UI as they are listed for playpack

Hey Devon,

Wondering if you were able to get this working?

Let us know if you still require some assistance on this