Hifiberry dacplus


I have 3 Raspberry pi’s 4 (64bit) On each PI i have a Hifiberry sound card “Hifiberry-dacplushd” Everything was good for almost 3 years. After doing an update i don’t see my sourdcards anymore.

i try really all variations of settings but noting helps.

Please can anybody help me i read already hours on internet.

balenaOS 2.115.1

I have installed HifiberryOS and that work fine, so the sound card is OK.

Please can anybody help me out?

Hello @arjan5340,

You mentioned version 3.9.6. So I’m assuming that you are running balenaSound.

You mentioned that you don’t see your sound cards anymore. Could you please expand on that e.g. which command(s) did you run and what output did you see? Could you please run this command in the audio service/container and reply with the output: aplay -L. You may have already run that command …

It sounds like you have had this setup for years, but let’s make sure that the BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay variable is still set properly. Should still be set to hifiberry-dacplushd. Is that still set? See Audio interfaces | Balena Sound.

Also, you mentioned that the problem appeared after an update. Was that a balenaSound application update or a balenaOS update?

Hello @rosswesleyporter

for the last month i delete balenasound and go to moode but the sound is really por. So i will really soon back to Balena.

I start from scratch. Please can you help me out. I have try again this evening to setup Balena with the hifiberry dacplushd but without any result.

I remove all my devices from balena cloud.
I flash a new new image
I see my device now in balena cloud

For now i make no changes in the config or variables.
Please can you help me out.

thanks a lot

Hi @arjan5340,

You mentioned that you haven’t set any vars yet. If you are using the same fleet as before, you may have already set vars at the fleet level. My specific question: have you set BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay to match your model of Hifiberry hardware? BTW, is it a Hifiberry DAC2 HD? See Audio interfaces | Balena Sound. Please let us know how it goes.

Hi @rosswesleyporter

First of all thanks for your soon replay and your help.

I don’t have any vars in the fleet. Now i have make in the Device Configuration a new “Custom Configuration”
I have a Hifiberry dac2 hd.

With this settings i don’t see the card in the “AUDIO” container “aplay -l”

See the attachment for the my settings.

I you can help me soon.
Best regards

See here my log after the above changes.
balena-sound_rough-cherry-2023-07-13t14_29_32+02_00.txt (72.8 KB)

Hi @arjan5340,

I’ve done my best to replicate your setup. I now have balenaSound running on a Pi4 with balenaOS and a Hifiberry DAC 2 Pro (hifiberry-dacplus). Everything is working normally.

I have a few suggestions for you:

  • Switch to SOUND_MODE = STANDALONE. I’m not expecting that to fix things, but it will reduce the logs and thus might make any true errors easier to see.

  • Try aplay -L in addition to aplay -l. I don’t expect that to fix anything, but perhaps it will show useful information.

  • Confirm that you are indeed using DAC2 HD hardware. I hesitated to suggest this, since you are experienced with Hifiberry products. But it is worth noting that the DAC2 HD uses a different driver than the DAC2 Pro.

  • You could try flashing with balenaOS 2.115.7+rev3 or earlier. There was a kernel change after that, and it’s possible that is impacting the DAC2 HD driver in some way.

Please let us know how it goes.