Toslink optical output on raspberry compatible?


I would like to integrate my already running balenasound into my HIFI. I know one can expand the RPI by means of an expansion Module that adds a DAC, but I would rather have an optical output. I known there are toslink modules in the internet but I don’t know if it is to be expected for balenasound to work well with those. Anybody can comment maybe?


Hi Marc, I don’t think that would work out of the box, as I don’t recall seeing any mention of it supported and only a specific subset of DAC hats are included. Of those that do, they need an additional configuration file, so, I would think that whatever optical solution you explore would also need some explicit configuration. If you happen to already have one of those Toslink adapters, then you could certainly give it a try, but I am not aware of anyone who has already attempted it. Let’s see if anyone else in the community has given it a try and chimes in though.

Hi @dtischler! Thanks for stopping by. I do not own any optical hat that I can give this a try with. I was just asking prior to purchasing any. I will refrain myself for the time being I think. I’m not a very technical person so unless something has been done already, I don’t think I’m able to pull it off :frowning:


That sounds reasonable.
We discussed this a bit more internally, and we think it should work. It’s hard to know for sure without us having the hardware though. If you do end up trying it out in the future do let us know how it goes here on this thread!