WaveShare WM8960 Audio Hat

Hi, i’m trying to make a bluetooth speaker using BalenaSound, I got a raspberry pi zero with a WaveShare WM8960 audio hat that I used to install following these steps.
Can I achieve this with BalenaSound so I can use that DAC hat?


Your DAC hat is not mentioned in out supported list yet https://sound.balenalabs.io/docs/dac-configuration so it might require some extra work to make it work. Can you please follow our getting started guide and let us know how it goes?

Also the BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlayfor your device should be wm8960 so please remember to set that when you provision the device.

Hi there, quick update, you’ll find the link my colleague shared is gone, here is the new one: https://sound.balenalabs.io/docs/audio-interfaces#dac-boards
We also have an open issue in our GH specifically about the WaveShare WM8960 audio HAT. Since I don’t have that HAT there are a couple users troubleshooting to get it to work, once they do we’ll add it to the list of supported devices. I suggest you follow their progress here: https://github.com/balenalabs/balena-sound/issues/264