Support for Audio DAC HAT Sound Card

So i bought this DAC thinking that i would be able to find to correct BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay

Well i was wrong…

Is there someone that can help me or is it best to send it back and buy a supported one?
Also i am not that experienced with BalenaOS (my first project) and i might have done something else wrong.


model 0 with latest 32bit OS and Updates of Balena-sound

Hey @Br4ne, welcome to balena forums!

That DAC you bought seems like a popular one. I see that another user already asked for support on balenaSound’s repository:

I’ll take a note about your interest. Feel free to follow that link for further updates. We’ll also send a message here when that board is supported. Hopefully we’ll get it in working state soon so you don’t need to look for another board.

i was really hoping "hifiberry-dac”, “i2s-mmap” would work, because i would bet my DAC comes out of the same factory as the Adafruit I2S Audio Bonnet since they look so similar

Hi Fabian

We have updated the list of supported DACs and it has support for the one’s you have mentioned

I am not seeing the specified Raspiaudio DAC hat in the matrix. Any idea what the dtoverlay value should be?

Hi Fabian,
DT overly is hifiberry-dac and you need to set audio=off