Stuck on 0% updating on Balena-OS

Hello. I’m new to BalenaCloud and BalenaOS, and I’m having some troubles. I’m stuck on 0% on updating on all of my devices (After pushing). It won’t go up at all, although if I look in the logs, the update seems to show no errors, it’s just stuck. I would love it if somebody could help me out, thanks in advance.

It just went up. Guess it just takes a while.

Hey, if it was a delta download then it would take some time to generate the delta before the download can start

Now I’m back to zero. It wasn’t delta.

The dashboard now shows that the raspberry pi is offline, but it isn’t.

What type of power supply are us using?
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Can you also please share your device UUID & enable support for this device? Then we can check what’s wrong with this device. Thanks.