STL files for Fin case


Are there plans to release the STL files for the Fin cases, so that we could print our own ones or modify the case i.e. for deploying Fin more easily with own addon-boards / “Hats” / similar :slight_smile:?




Hi Nico, I do believe we plan to release the STEP files for the Fin cases, so that you can print your own. @curcuz can share more :slight_smile:


That would be awesome :slight_smile: !


hey @nmaas87 any update on this? Is there an ETA?

I have the fin board on order and am working on a project where we are looking to use it for the first 100-500 units but I need to start working on the enclosure design.



Hey @rcullen! We’re actually making some big improvements to the case design, and hoping to wrap that up this week or next. I believe we still plan to share the files once they are finalized but we’ll confirm. cc @curcuz @konmouz


Amazing. Could I request to be notified/sent the file once it’s ready? We are super excited to work with the fin board. I have the hardware inbound, I have my cellular modem ready, I have a hologram sim card…

Thanks guys!


I am sure they will post something here as soon as the STL files are ready :slight_smile: