STEP file for BalenaFin?


Is there a STEP/IGES/Solidworks model for the BalenaFin? I’m looking at integrating it with another PCBA and it would be super helpful to see both mated together in 3D. Alternatively, is there a more thorough dimensioned drawing than the ones in the datasheet? They seem to be missing quite a few key pieces of info.


Hi @eva sure there is :slight_smile: please find it at this link, it is also about to be added to the balenaFin documentation website.

I would also love to hear your feedback about what you found lacking in the datasheet, so that we can work on it!


Thank you! I struggled to find good dimensions for mounting the Balena Fin, mostly in terms of center-to-center hole spacing and hole-to-center of header. Most of the dimensions in the datasheet are fairly relative and arbitrary with no central datum.

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Hi @eva we released the CAD files!


Are there any EAGLE .brd files out there of the mounting holes and header positions? It’ll save some grief.

I’m hoping to produce a HAT matching the Fins dimensions.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Jake,

We don’t have EAGLE files for the balenaFin. On the plus side, I’m currently working on a Fin HAT template for three of the main tools out there (OrCAD/Cadence, Altium and EAGLE). I’ll do my best to prioritize the EAGLE version if that helps.


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That would be perfect. It’s all still on schematics at the moment.