New lid design files for the Fin case


We encountered issues around thermals on the USB power regulators. As it was a problem only when we put it in the case, we designed this as part of our last-minute solution.

Please feel free to use, modify, and do whatever you like with these files. No warranties or guarantees are given. When 3d printed they hold up well but some of ours had weaker sides and one of the screw posts broke during installation. Overall they seemed very solid once assembled and we haven’t had a problem with them.

We designed them around a 5v fan that was labeled for use with the raspberry pie ecosystem. The fans were hot glued in place and powered via the 5v rail exposed.

Let me know if you have any questions with our experience around this.


CaseTopV2.stl (617.1 KB)CaseTop.stl (646.9 KB)


@tacLog thank you for sharing this! We’re currently working on a case with improved thermal performance and your willingness to go the extra mile provided us with very valuable insight.