Artik020 MCU schematics


Hello Balena,

Do you guys have any schematics how Artik020 MCU is wired in the Fin board? Would be really good to see which pins are connected to the Co-Processor I/O connector and how. Its important if we want to design electronics around can uses the connector.



Hello Peter,

We are very close to releasing that information to the public. I will update this thread as soon as the information is available.



I’m looking forward to that update.

In the meanwhile: Am I correct in assuming that at a minimum it will be feasible to program the co-processor as a traditional hardware watchdog?

Would this HW watchdog also be capable of power-cycling a mPCIe modem?


@jschon the documentation is scheduled to be released sometime this week. You are correct, the co-processor can be used as a watchdog (FW development might probably be necessary). Along the same line, the co-processor can power down the compute module and a connected PCIe device.