Missing Phoenix Connector STL

Hi All,

I’ve been playing around with the balenaFin and I wonder if there is a STL file of the phoenix connector somewhere. (not the case but the PCB)

I know I can use a Pi hat but I like to have the real deal.

Thanks guys

Hey there, reagrding the STL you can have a look here.
If possible we would like to know the reason for this request as it could help us understand what we can improve or what we are missing.

I’ve looked into that page but unfortunately, the case STL and dimensions are present but not the PCB.

I’d like to make my own HAT compatible with the pinout of the co-processor, normal PI GPIO and the phoenix modular case.

Actually, just the dimensions are enough to get started in eagle but going around with a 6 inch ruler is not the most precise tool.

The end-game of my mission is to move from arduino base custom PCB to Fin-base Hat ones. So I’ll be recreating the Pheonix connector HAT with custom electronics

Hello @mfSamg,

I’ve uploaded a HAT template here. Let me know if your CAD tool of choice can’t import the source files and we’ll create a new template.

Hope this helps.