SSH Returning Error on Resin Production Mode

I’m trying to SSH into my Resin device on Production Mode.

However when I run resin ssh (device name), I select my device and it tries to connect, but returns ResinRequestError: Request error: App not found

What is the issue?



Was the device running any application at that time? If it was a factory build, without any applications pushed, then this error might be the result of resin ssh trying to connect to an application container when none existed on the device yet. resin ssh with the -s flag should still work though, because it connects to the hostOS instead.


Thanks for the help. I’m new to and trying to install software from github onto my RPI 3B+. The repo is and the dowload link is:

How do I download and run this on I have been trying to follow the guides but haven’t been successful.

Hi there @Alex1,

Good news, it appears as though provides a Dockerfile, which you can use in balenaCloud to build your own images and deploy to your devices.

Please let us know if you have any further issues!