Device not found error when restarting Resin application


I’ve noticed that one of my devices appears to have not updated with a new commit after all other devices (in different applications) have their updates. It’s been about 7 hours since a minor commit. The device summary page shows an in-progress download of 45%, and the last messages I see for the device is waiting for the delta server to provide an update.

I rebooted the device and it came back with the previous commit, so the device appears fine. What’s interesting is that when I tried to restart the device on the Resin UI, I got the message “Device not found: 930320” (UUID prefix 0e771b3). Is something wrong in the Resin service?

Here is the current known state for the device:

Stopped: b8b9bbd
Downloading: 45% b4aba27

I’ve granted support access if you require this.

Thanks in advance!

the device has now completed the download and is running correctly.
The issue was caused by the supervisor exiting while running migrations, which may leave it in a stuck state, we have seen this occasionally happen in conjunction with a host OS update (did you recently update OS on the device?).

Anyway, with the current supervisor running on the device (7.1.18) the issue should not represent itself. Let me know if everything is working fine for you.

Thanks so much for the quick feedback! Yes, I did an update recently but there wasn’t any specific indication that it was still busy. Also, it was a bit odd that the Resin UI showed “device not found”.

Anyway, things look just fine now, thanks!

BTW, given that Resin customers now have direct access to the host OS, is there documentation of how to do first-level troubleshooting ourselves? It may save you some time.

We do have a basic troubleshooting section here: We’re working on some future functionality that will make this information more complete and accessible, so stay tuned!

Looking forward to it! Thank you very much.