Ssh and Multicontainer

Before the multicontainer feature, I was able to use the method described in to be able to ssh into my devices (root@).

I have been playing around with the multicontainer feature and have realized that I cannot ssh into my resin device on my local network.

Is there a way to ssh into the host OS on a multicontainer application?

I also cannot ssh via the resin-cli (resin ssh ).
I get:
ResinRequestError: Request error: Some v1 endpoints are only allowed on single-container apps

Are you using resin ssh with the --host option ( Beginning with CLI version 6.12.0 (and devices running resinOS v2.7.5 and above), we’ve included the option to SSH into the host OS without any additional setup.


Do you know what version of the CLI you are running? For multicontainer support, you’ll want to make sure you are on a 7.x version.

You should also be able to create an SSH connection directly through the dashboard.

Updating my resin-cli fixed the issue. Thanks!

Good to hear, we’re working on clarifying our CLI docs to better specify what features are supported by each version.

It actually states the requirement in the relevant doc. I just overlooked it.