ResinRequestError: Request error: App not found

Hi there,
I’m a total resin noob so this might be a dumb question.
I installed the latest resin build to a Raspberry Pi 2.
Resin OS 2.13.6+rev1
Supervisor Version 7.14.0
Set to local mode.

Got github keys imported, added the git remote address copy-pasted from the dashboard, pushed code to the master. Got some unicorn ascii.

I can do ‘resin login’, and I can see my device with ‘resin apps’

Since I am using Google cloud as my terminal, as I don’t have Linux at home, I can’t do ‘resin local scan’. Instead, I try:

$ ./resin ssh
? Select a device
green-glade (83fa5b3)
Connecting to: 83fa5b3e7258f3f1d8d3d9e754795b93
ResinRequestError: Request error: App not found

Seems like I’m getting close, but there’s not much in the forum on this error.

Any idea?

Hi, have you looked at ? resin local ssh might be the command you need.

Hi Lucian, I’m developing using gcloud. So ‘resin local scan’ just gives “Could not find any resinOS devices in the local network”.

Is it not possible to SSH into the RPi from a machine that’s not on the LAN?

From my Windows machine in the same network as the RPi, I did a local scan, which found the device, but when I tried ‘resin local ssh 83fa5b3.local’, but it says ECONNECT: socket hangup.

I’m not really sure how to create openssh credentials and use them in Windows, unless I go through the whole cygwin install process, so was hoping I could just SSH from the cloud.

Turns out I needed to disable the ‘local’ setting in the dashboard. Works now :slight_smile: