Spotify in Balena sound connected but not sounding in raspberry pi 4

Hi, all!

I just tried the Balena Sound tutorial for using my old HiFi via Bluetooth, because it seems really useful and fun.
Sadly it is not working for me.
My phone discovers and connects with balenaOS with no problem. I also can redirect the audio output in Spotify to balenaOs, the problem is that it does not sound in my speaker.
I have tried all the solutions I found over the internet, but anything worked.
I have a Raspberry Pi 4 with Balena OS 2.95.8, production 64bits, Supervisor version 13.0.

The solutions I have tried:

  • Removing vc4-kms-v3d overlay from the device configuration and rebooting.
  • Setting the env. var. DISABLE_MULTI_ROOM to 1 to disable multiroom
  • Restarted and rebooted the services and the device several times.
  • Using a SD class 10
  • Changing the SOUND_VOLUME to 100, just in case…

I would really appreciate any help or guidance, because I did not know about Balena Cloud, and I think I can use it more for all my projects if I can make it to work.

Just in case, I have enabled support access to the device for a week: 684f385214b265120fdf4e993a032434

Also, I get the following loggings:

Can you re-enable support? Also, what kind of speaker are you using? Is it a wired/bluetooth, etc?