Spotify Connect on Balena Sound isn't working

Hello everyone ! I wanted to use old speakers and make an always-on Hi-Fi station, so I used the Balena Sound project on a Raspberry Pi 4 using Balena OS. Everything is working perfectly (I can connect to the Pi via Bluetooth), but I have a problem while using Spotify Connect. The device isn’t detected. If I try to open a terminal on the spotify service using Balena Cloud, here is what I get :

Error response from daemon: Container4cac13487cdb97ecb0cf1239c8f6c3c7610041d5de6119056160c0a9a8bea5cd is restarting, wait until the container is running
Error response from daemon: Container 4cac13487cdb97ecb0cf1239c8f6c3c7610041d5de6119056160c0a9a8bea5cd is restarting, wait until the container is running
SSH session disconnected
SSH reconnecting...
Spawning shell...

What should I do? Thanks for your support

That’s strange - Can you grant support access to the device?
Once you do that, please send me a direct message with the UUID of the device in question so that I can take a closer look