Airplay,Spotify and Bluetooth not working

Hello guys,
i recently try to flash my raspberry pi 4 again because i wanted to fix some issues with bluetooth volume control.
Now nothing seems to work.
I basically have no clue why. Everytime i connect to it on spotify it automatically disconnects and no audio is running on it. Bluetooth doesnt show up as audio device and on airplay i cant find the device…
Only thing i changed was the Sound Output to my HifiBerry DAC and SOUND MODE to Standalone since i will not be using multiroom. Besides that it didnt work with the standard settings.

balena-sound_round-frost-24.04.22_17 25 19_(+0200).txt (84.0 KB)

check_container_engine failed
check_supervisor failed
spotify and bluetooth failed

All services (expect multiroom) are running and up…