(SOLVED) Version 1.5.56 (1.5.56) OSX

Hi There,

After I update my BalenaEtcher to latest version on OSX…
Its super slow… is this a problem the new way of working :wink:


Hi there! What’s the version of BalenaEtcher and your OS?

Add in Topic name:
Version 1.5.56 (1.5.56)

  1. when click “Select Image” take some time then select image.
  2. it take lots of time when “Select Target” will be react
  3. scroll down to device that I want use and click take some time
  4. Click “flash” take time before I get popup to give Password.
  5. Writing image is fast and only part that react normal.

Take some time = 10-20 seconds.

We had a number of reports about Etcher being slow on OSX, but it looks like it’s a random issue that comes and goes with OSX updates/restarts and we weren’t able to reproduce yet. See this issue on github for example.
What I can suggest for now is to try restart OSX and check if the issue persists.

I can confirm that when I reboot OSX the slow way of work is gone.