balenaEtcher-1.5.39.dmg for Mac not working

Good morning
I have downloaded the image and installed your software and the simplified menu doesn’t load.
I want to flash an os image to a SD card and with the developers tools it is too complex.
Thank you for your support

Hi @redradoa,

That is quite strange. We do have people internally and externally that are running etcher on a Mac. Lets try and narrow down a bit.

Can you please share some more detail?
1- Which macbook?
2- Which mac os version?
3- Perhaps a screenshot showing what isn’t working.


Thank you for coming back to me.

I use an iMac with latest OSX version.
When I click on the app it jumps starting it and no menu is shown.
I can toggle to developer tools

Hello again
I have installed your software in a macbook with Sierra 10.13.6 and this time it has worked perfectly well.
Since I don’t use this tool regularly , when you agree, we can close this thread.
Thank you very much

Hi @redradoa

It seems like some of our guys are debugging an evasive issue with that version of etcher in another forum thread.

I’ll mark this thread as resolved/closed.


A link to the other thread would have been handy. I am having the same issue

Hi @jamie

Here is the link to the other thread.