Trouble with etcher-electron


Hi, I have used etcher-electron since 1 year without problem , few any days I have a marvellous trouble bug, impossible for used it . One page are on my screen completely , impossible to open etcher-electron. I’m obliged to suppress it and download the new version himself in tar.gz zip aie,aie…
Can you tell me where come from this trouble ? many thanks see u soon :expressionless:



Hi @jibel, welcome to the balena forum : )

We implemented several improvements as well as bug fixes. So in general we actually advise our users to upgrade to the latest stable version when possible.

Having said this, could you please give further details on this issue you experience? Which version have you installed? What is your operating system (name, version, architecture)?

It’d be great if you could also attach a screenshot of the issue and also attach error information from DevTools (if there is anything meaningful). (You can open DevTools by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I or Cmd+Alt+I if you’re on Mac OS).

Finally, you could raise such issues on etcher’s github page to talk with the project maintainers directly.




Whaou ! incredible, I used etcher since one years on my 10 O.S every one are OSs free , not with windows, not with Mac etc . I have a chance today, I have suppress etcher-electron, but I have 10 OSs free, and I change to arrive on a other OSs free where is installed etcher . If the same trouble come again on my screen? I follow your ask for to say where is this trouble ? Now I have download etcher-balena free that’s right, new one but the package are in “zip” personally I don’t like this formula package. see you soon



Hello, now I’m in a other OSs free Xubuntu 14.04 Lts. I’m with etcher-electron not balena-etcher…All is OK with etcher-electron, no trouble … But I think, after the other version OSs free , the new one 16.04 or 18.04 and new version balenaetcher in packages in tar or zip impossible to change it. here is my answer sorry :wink: