balenaEtcher Flash Process Immediately Returns to Main Screen

I am attempting to use balenaEtcher for the first time. When clicking Flash, it briefly changes screens and says “Starting…”, then immediately returns to the main screen to select image/target with no error message or feedback displayed. Relevant details:
Version : 1.5.116
OS : macOS 11.2.3
Image : CentOS-8.3.2011-x86_64-boot.iso
Target : 4 GB USB freshly erased/formatted as FAT32

Logs attached. Thanks for any advice and assistance.

etcher-1618418537563.log (6.3 KB)

After posting I found Cannot Flash on Catalina - #57 by rahul-thakoor which appears to be the issue I am encountering. For now I am launching the app from Terminal.

$ sudo /Applications/


Does launching from the terminal fix the issue for you?

Hopefully that’s something that we can use to debug the process further.