[solved] Painful results due to bad sdcards

So after getting past the etcher failing around 50% issue (switched to a spare notebook), I still couldn’t get past 4 green blinks - until I stopped trying to use a project I created a very long time ago (over 12 months).

I created a new project, it has arm7hf as its arch, burnt the image to sdcard, and it boots, but has ext4 corruption - so failure number 4!

grabbed a different sdcard, used etcher to write the image again, and this time, 2.7.5 dev image boots, but then stops with “Failed to start File system”, and then the other services don’t get started.

I’m going to try 2.3.0-prod next, but gosh i’m having a very long string of bad luck.

(and yup, 2.3.0-prod (and -dev) worked)

Hi, I flashed a RPi 3 2.7.5 dev image using Etcher 1.1.2 on Linux. Also added WiFi Connect as a sample application and everything went successfully. I tried looking for other reports with “Failed to start” and “File system”, but could not find any. Can you please try again and paste complete logs from the dashboard?

Faulty SD card or device are possible causes. If possible can you please share the repo link so that we give it a try as well?

Yeah, playing a little with the original sdcard, I’m thinking that’s it busted too - and because RancherOS is so tiny, it wasn’t a problem.

I’ll go digging to get a 3rd sdcard to go back to trying 2.7.5 later too.

50% IO stall added as info to https://github.com/resin-io/etcher/issues/1690#issuecomment-342339450

and using yet another sdcard, 2.7.5-dev works.

so argh.