flash failed on new micro SD card

Hello all,

Today I tried to flash my micro SD card, however it failed.
During the writing process (almost instantly) windows detects a dismount of the SD port. Etcher informs that it failed, but no useful info afaik.
Out of fear that the card was corrupted I bought a brand new one, only to get the exact same situation. After browsing the internet I found a way to clean the card and try again. However, the same happens over and over. I know it is not much to go on, but does anyone have a solution :(?

So I did a bit of digging around myself and found the error report which also concludes that the disconnection is the issue. Hereby part of the error log:

“description”:“SDXC Card”,

Hi, can you let us know what version of etcher/OS you are on?

Also, how are you connecting the card to your computer? Can you try a USB flash drive and see if you get an error?