Windows 7 - flashing Micro SD card fails

I’m using SanDisc 16GB card for flashing Stratux immage, to no results. Please find enclosed corresponding screenshots.Flash_error_stratux.pdf (331.0 KB)
Is there any particular pre formatting recommended?

Hey @jklopot have you tried using a different SD card? In addition, are you using the portable or installer version of etcher?


Thanks for your replay.

I’ve been trying SONY 2GB, SONY 4GB and SanDisk 16GB ones with identical results. In terms of Etcher this the one downloaded and installed on my PC.

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Would it be possible for you to try again and post any logs from the devtools console please?

I’m not familiar with devtools console unfortunately.

Sorry I should have more clear, if you use ctrl+alt+i it should open the developer console, and error may be surfaced there that are relevant when you try to perform the flash.

My recommendation would be to open etcher, open the console, and then continue as normal.

Sorry, I’m a pilot who is trying to get the Stratux ADS-B unit working, for which I need to get Micro SD card fleshed. The debugging environment you asked me to launch is completly new to me and I’d have to spend hours on this first to learn principles to be able to give you log inputs. Is there any other option to flesh SD card please?

Check the screenshot below: no need to spend hours, :slight_smile: just take a screenshot of the console window while it is displaying an error and share it with us. This could help us diagnose the problem and find a workaround, and it could help the Etcher team to fix any faults.

But please take the screenshot AFTER you get the flashing error pop up notification, not before. We hope that the console window will be displaying more details about the error.

Thank you for this guide. This is what I’ve got following the error message (Part 1).

(Part 2)

Thanks! In part 2, towards the bottom of the window (3rd line from the bottom), can you click on the small triangle to the left of the word Object, and share the output?

To be honest so far I don’t see anything in the console that helps clarify the error, but then I’m not myself in the Etcher team and they may be able to tell more from reading it. I am sharing it with them.

Regarding other flashing tools, Etcher is supposed to be the most user friendly and it’s the one I always use, but I’ve also heard about

Thank you for this advice.
Back to your enguiry, here it is:
Flash results Object
cancelled: false
proto: Object

Finally I succeeded in searching for problem root. Flashing became functional once Windows user account control function settings have been changed to “Any changes on computer are neither monitored nor advised”. It means that Etcher is presumably not exchanging parameter/variable value between Windows user account control function and itself.

Hey @jklopot, I am glad you managed to get things working!
Anything let us know :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support.