Hello, The writer process is

So it has now corrupted 5 SD cards after i get this error. Any ideas?

Wed May 29 2019 13:20:48 GMT+0100 (GMT Summer Time) Restart after failure ({“applicationSessionUuid”:“3850bb84-4efa-49a9-999d-0c0e58ea1c60”,“flashingWorkflowUuid”:“e295c34e-0831-4fcb-80de-c28683993ee6”,“sample”:0.1})

that is what i get when i press Ctrl + Shift + i

Hey thanks for the heads up. What version of balenaEtcher are you using? And what operating system are you using it on?

If not the latest (1.5.43 at the moment), can you update the version and retry? https://www.balena.io/etcher/ Thanks!

Hello, I’m on 1.5.43 & i am currently using a windows device

Hey @TIPC, could you update your etcher version and retry flashing the SD Cards?

If the issue persists, let us know.

Hello @dansku unfortunately i am already using 1.5.43 (Just downloaded today x2)

Hi, can you please provide a more detailed log output from the console? Unfortunately we cannot determine what went wrong with just the line you provided above.

Hello, Sorry it took me a while to reply i eventually gave up and used a different tool & succeeded hopefully i can still help with finding a fix though!

Hey @tipc, any chance you might have special characters in your username? Did it fail right after elevating access? There is a PR that will be merged in the next hours: https://github.com/balena-io/etcher/pull/2803 that will solve some issues on Windows.

Hello Mike! Unfortunately no i do not use specials in my usernames (Unless work force me to) the write would fail about a minute after the write would start though?

I’ll give the new update another shot in a couple days.

@tipc, please let us know if you get it properly working then.
Have a great week!