RPI2 BalenaSound problems


First thx for all your work.

I installed without worries on RPI2 (balenaOS 2.48.0+rev1), everything works in standalone mod.
If I activate the multiroom, the server part will stop.

Anyone have an idea ?

@triseaux, I also had issues with my RPi2B, since the rest of my devices are RPi3B I thought to put a card from a RPi3 in the 2 and that worked like a charm so I installed my RPi2B with the RPi3B image (balenaOS 2.60.1+rev1 my problems were solved… I have disabled the Bluetooth container afterwords since my RPi2 doesn’t have bluetooth. Maybe you can try the same thing!

Ho nice, i try this later and im back.

Thx for the trick

Realy thx, work perftly :slight_smile:

No problem! Hope you have fun with Balena Sound!