2 Pi4s have the same Computer ID

I have 2 Pi4s running and they both show the same Computer ID in the interface. There is only one Pi showing on the BOINC on Rosetta “Your Computers” page.

I’m concerned that the two may be interfering with one another if the server sees them as the same machine.

Any way to force them to appear as two different boards?

I had this a few days ago. I tried rebooting one of them but it made no difference so left them alone. They had sorted themselves out by the next day as one of them now had a different id. You could try shutting one of them down (using shutdown button on web gui) then starting it up again - it will continue from where it left off. Then check if the computer id has changed?

Hi Peter!

I tried rebooting one, but it came right back with the same Computer ID. I’ll try shutting it down for few hours and see if it can grab a different ID when I start it up in the morning.

Thanks for helping to troubleshoot this!