rosetta : ive join your team but am not appearing the team list

i’ve clicked as per “To join our team, visit the balena profile page and click ‘Join this team’”

but i am not appearing in team list :frowning:

YAY ! im in the team but SOMEONE ELSE is getting all my credit !

please tell me what SERVER ID to use so i get my due credit ?

according to the stats there 15 OTHER USERS who are not getting any credit too ! this could soon easily backfire as a SMN mktg media stunt

If you are using our ready-made images from, you are automatically joined up the Balena “Fold for Covid” team. The list of current devices is here:

In this scenario, there is no “simple” way of tracking your individual credits, unless you identify which device is yours.

With regards to not showing any credit, the Rosetta team updates these results only once or twice a day. You will show as Zero credits until the next batch job runs to update the results. Thanks.