Restarting application long delay


since the last update I am having some problems restarting the application of my devices.

Sometimes (not always) I have to press the restart button multiple times in order to restart the device. I do not know if it is a long connection-related delay, a long process-related delay (waiting for some docker-compose down or something), or if it an issue because of the migration.

However, before the microservices update, the restart button effect was perceived immediately, and now it takes (sometimes) more than 1 minute and multiple trials to restart the application.

Thank you in advance

It sounds like the issues you’re experiencing are in line with some VPN issues since the update. You can experience intermittence with SSH, restarting, and the online status of the device, but your device and application should be working as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience – we’re working on it and will let you know once we have any updates.

Ok thank you for your quick response!

@jcozar We have now performed a VPN deploy that should address the connectivity issues you were experiencing. Let us know if you run into any further issues!