My devices are self rebooting lately


My devices are self rebooting lately even if I revert the code to stage that was working previously.

The device reboots before it downloads the new code. So the device is stuck in boot reboot. The only way to apply the changes to the device is to make fresh flash. Our devices are useless in that kind of stage because the device cannot stay alive.

I hope there is fix for that.



Hey, can you tell us which resinOS version you are running? And is it just the application restarting, or is the device going through a full power cycle?


the devices is running Resin OS 2.7.5+rev1 (prod) and I am talking about application restarting. The device stays online but the online terminal is looping app restart.


Okay. If you like, you can send us the dashboard URL to the device and enable support access for it, and we’ll have a look.




is this something that started happening after a recent push of your application?
Also, is there a possibility that the device is connected to a bad network? I’m trying to take a look but the connection closes.


the application restarts because the is failing to complete the compilation.
This is completely normal and should stop happening as soon as a container with a working start command that does not exit is in place.

Some things that caught my attention are:

  1. the device is trying to download the updated container but seems to fail and start over
  2. the last online field in the dashboard seems to be a few minutes, pointing that the connectivity gets lost and the device gets offline
  3. the connection to the device closes after a few minutes