Issue: Local Scan

Hey there,
I wanted to skip the resin pipeline by enabling the local development mode. I followed this guide: . I am working on Windows 10 and was trying to connect to a Raspberry PI 3 with ResinOS 2.12.5 (development) on it. Both devices are connected to a WLAN hosted by my smartphone using WPA2, so there should be clearly no connection issues. Any ideas?


The local mode uses both DNS-SD and MDNS to allow resin-cli to discover the local devices running resinOS (but only those running a development image and not a production one). This requires the installation of the Bonjour service for Windows (link is here).

You should be able to see local resin development devices using:

resin local scan

Have you been able to SSH into the device (ssh -p 22222 root@<ip>)?