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Hey everyone,

I am having trouble getting platformio core working inside my app. The background: I am trying to setup a system where I can dynamically write and re-write firmware to 1 or many microcontrollers from a device running resin.
The first error pictured bellow was solved by adding var-libc through apk. 2017-12-02_18-49-48

now I am getting another error (screenshot bellow) in the same place that I have not been able to find relevant information for. This error persists on at least two arduino boards I have so I am looking for insights from the Resin perspective to push forward.

I have a suspicion that it could be working directory or path related so any advice on where I should test would be helpful.

I just wanted to add that is does work just fine on my intel NUC running node:latest image. The other version
I have running on my raspberry pi 3 is alpine-node:latest.


Hi @kanr Would you be able to enable support access for the device and send me a link to it?