Git Not Deploying

I created an application using Resin Electron JS as the base. I succesfully deployted to a Raspberry PI.
I created a new application and used a NUC but added the repository of the NUC as an origin to the existing resin app as RESINNUC and succesfully pushed the application to the NUC.
I am now getting errors trying to push to either app

I have passed this to the respective team and we are looking into this now.
In order make troubleshooting this easier, could you Grant Support Access to us from the actions page of the application and then send us the dashboard url of the app to investigate.

I will in about an hour

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Hey, could I get the dashboard link for the application that you were trying to push to please?

Good Morning

The link is

@texas7430 I have requested further information via PM to help get to the bottom of this issue.

@texas7430 Thanks for your help in reporting this issue, we’ve found the cause, and a fix is on it’s way to production. It should be fixed by tomorrow morning.

@texas7430 This has now been deployed, please let us know if your issue isn’t resolved.