ResinOS: Update failed


Hi guys, I tried upgrading one the the RPi3 devices to v1.26 using the dashboard and it failed with “ResinOS: Update failed.”

Are you able to put this device back online, since I think it’s in some sort of messed up state as a result?




Hey, will be checking it out, there should be log saved on the device about what went wrong, sorry about that!

We are working on a bunch of resinHUP updates to make it a lot better, and will keep you posted!


I think it’s the same issue with modifying the app config file (related to the avahi-daemon changes). You mentioned the file(s) need to be whitelisted in the next update…


yes, it’s the same issue with the hostname file, as the fixes were not deployed on yet (they are behind some larger changes of the dashboard that is still being tested). I went ahead and run resinHUP manually on the device and updated to 1.26.0 (and the latest supervisor as well)

Will let you know when the fixes are deployed, and it will be okay to update devices through self-service like this. In the meantime, if you need any urgent updates, just let us know! :slight_smile: Happy to run it for you. :roller_coaster: