Removal of BalenaEtcher via Windows 10 Add/Remove not working

Removal of BalenaEtcher via Windows 10 Add/Remove utility leaves program listed in installed programs.

I attempted to remove the program (latest version) using add/remove and received a prompt of: do I wish to remove Yes/No… Upon selected “yes” nothing occurs…

  1. how do I verify the program was removed ?
  2. hoe do I remove the program from the Add/Remove programs list…

Windows 10 Pro - build: 1903, 18362.329

Thank you

Sounds strange. Could you check if there are any leftover files by searching for balenaEtcher in the file explorer?

yes, finds application under C:\Users{user}\AppData\Local\Programs
Shortcuts, and some files marked with _1 and _0

when I click on the uninstall.exe directly, those files are now deleted… weirdness…

I don’t know what could’ve happened there. We’ll include the manual uninstallation in the troubleshooting though, thank you for reporting and taking the time to look into it!