Re-Flash Failed / Write ERROR

Flash is always failing when i do it now !

what I did before is-
1- flash successful “Garuda linux” using balena etcher
2- installed successfuly
3- I wanted to remove and flash another “linux distro” on the same USB device.
4- so instead of using balena etcher again , I manually deleted USB partition using windows (diskmgmt.msc)

5- now when I RE-FLASH any iso file using balena etcher flash always fails [log files could be found attached]

  • and just for checking I used Rufus once and it returned with write-error.
  • also NOTE that I am able to copy and paste stuff from and to the USB drive , but the only problem is that it gives error when flashing an iso.

i dont know what to do anymore , please help!!

Logs as follows:-
-1620195991018.log (11.0 KB) -1620195991018.log (11.0 KB)

I used windows and above stuff happened .

but when I used linux to flash the same iso on same usb device. , etcher worked dont know why?

Hi, etcher needs to run some diskpart commands in order to get the device into a state ready to flash and the logs state that "Couldn't clean the drive, Command failed: diskpart s n (code 2147942405)". This explains why you got it working on Linux and maybe explains why Rufus also failed on Windows. There are similar issues described here and here.

Some users reported that the lock switch on their SD cards adaptors was causing the problem. Your USB stick seems to be SanDisk Cruzer Switch 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive With SecureAccess Software. It might be worth investigating how this software works and if it leaves any hidden partitions when you format the USB using diskmgmt.msc.