Problems Flash Failed

Hey! After recording on a flash drive, Flash Failed writes to me. What to do?

Hello @sheba69, can you provide some more details? Are you using balena Etcher? If so, what type of image are you trying to flash? Have you tried a different flash drive to rule out a bad drive?

Hello everyone!

I´m trying fro my first time to install ubuntu. I think I really need the help from someone to take me from the hand to cross this road… :slight_smile:

This is my case: I have downloaded in the usb the ubuntu, and balena Etcher. Everything goes well, but in the moment after selecting ubuntu (using balena), I just cannot select the option “ScanDisc Ultra USB Device”.
In my litle comprehesion of the english, etc… I undestand that´s the way… I just don´t get what I´m doing wrong…
Any word I thank it alot!

Hi @Chuzo! Did you have any success being able to select your device?

I thank you for reply me.
I haven’t yet being able.
I have stoped my trying for some days, i dont have a easy conection for the moment.
I hope very soon return ti the issue.
Can i write you then?


El El mié, 11 ago 2021 a la(s) 1:31 a. m., Flynn Joffray via balenaForums <> escribió:

Hello @chuzo

That’s fine. Please just post another message when you have managed to try this again.

Помог запуск от имени от администратора и выбор другой флэшки.

Ok Mark!
I will do it.
Thanks again !

El El mié, 11 ago 2021 a la(s) 12:58 p. m., Mark Corbin via balenaForums <> escribió:

Make sure to run as administrator when you try next time to see if that helps. Either way we will be looking forward to hearing from you.