Raspberry Pi 3?

I think it’s safe to guess that you guys should have taken a look at Raspberry Pi 3 by now? (just a guess, since it’s only been 9 days since it has been launched). Any thoughts or initial impressions if you did? (The local distributors here are all out, so haven’t had a chance to try myself yet).

Hi. The official support for RPi3 is coming to resin supposedly this week (maybe even tonight?)

I haven’t touched the device yet, so I’ll let my colleagues comment about that.

Hey @imrehg, yeah RPI3 support is a high priority right now, we are just finishing up a last round of testing. Initial impressions are good, the onboard wifi is awesome and the extra CPU power doesn’t hurt either. Unfortunately it seems the BLE is yet to be supported, but I’m sure that will get sorted out in quick order. Will also be great once the 64bit support comes out, but we will have to wait a while for that :confused:

Ah, seen the announcement, congrats! That’s a nice box of Pis too :smile:

Just ordering some more Raspberry Pi 3’s for our Resin deployments. Looking at getting the 64bit version. Will there be any incompatibility issues with the 64bit version? Thanks

Not sure what you mean, all Pi 3 boards are the same, so there are no two versions. :slight_smile: Is there any link that we can check that says two kinds? Nevertheless you should be good to go with your RPi3 on resin for sure.

On a side-note, RPI3 supports both 32bit armv7 and 64bit aarch64 modes, but very few people run things in the latter. I know internally @agherzan was working on some related projects.

Thanks @imrehg I was looking at two products on Amazon, one which said 64bit and the other which said nothing so assumed it was 32bit. You know what they say about assumptions being the mother of all …

I will go ahead with ordering the cheaper of the two products. Its interesting to hear that most people do not use the 64bit architecture. I look forward to hearing about @agherzan’s aarch64 projects.

@hpgmiskin if both lists the item as Raspberry Pi 3, then it must be the same hardware, even though their description is not complete.

Most people don’t use aarch64, because there are few Linux distros that do aarch64 (in general, but also specifically for the RPi3). For example the official Raspbian does not do that, and that’s what most people use (it’s for compatibility reasons, even though it leaves some performance on the table). On the other hand, there’s ArchLinux ARM, which does both 32 and 64bit installs, see their readme for the Pi3 (the “Installation” tab). Another one is Alpine Linux, which has aarch64, but for generic ARM - which is actually perfect for Docker use cases (as it does not need the kernel included). Unfortunately we don’t have Alpine aarch64 base images yet, I think, that would be good to look into :slight_smile: Anyways, all this some background, only loosely related to your use. Unless you want to use your Pi3 with aarch64 code in the near future, then let us know! :trumpet: