Not booting on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

Hi! Completely fresh Resin and Raspberry Pi developer here.

On a brand new Raspbery Pi 3 Model B+ I’m having the exact same issues as described in this thread:

  • No output from HDMI
  • ACT LED flashing 4 long and 4 short repeatedly

Am I correct to assume that Model B+ is simply not yet supported?

  • The version of resinOS is 2.12.13.
  • I’ve flashed the image with Etcher.
  • I’ve tried flashing both the development and prod images, same issue.

Thanks for any advice!


Would be interested in knowing this as well (having the same issue).

Update. I switched to a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B v1.2 and now everything seems to work as expected.

Hi, the brand new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ that was just recently released is not yet supported on ResinOS. It will need some firmware updates, that we are working on, and will be releasing shortly!

The previous B version should be running fine, of course.

having the same issue. Blinking 4 times long, 4 times short, no output on HDMI.
Great to hear that support is already in the works!

@imrehg: Could you please share a rough estimate when support could be expected, and: will it be treated as separate device type? Meaning: do I have to split RPi3B and Rpi3B+ in different applications?

Thanks a lot

Yeah, that blinking is that it doesn’t yet have the new firmware. The new board came with a new firmware, and as resinOS versions that were released before the Pi 3 B+ couldn’t have possibly included it, hence the need for the new release.

No new device type, it’s the same variant, so it does not warrant splitting, all of your Pi 3 versions can be in the same application.

The time scale is hard to estimate, but can be as early as some time next week, and don’t expect it to take too long. But we have to investigate a number of changes that are done to the firmware, and test that both new and previous hardware variants are working well. Will keep you posted, of course, we are eager to see it supported, a number of our team members have their Pi3B+s ready and at hand :slight_smile:

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great to hear that. Sounds good.
Will there be an early drop on resinstaging? Would be awesome so we could also test our stuff with the new RPi then. (we do have custom hardware modules attached to the RPi and it’s always a bit tricky to get it running on new hardware and also on the resin flavor of the OS).

Thanks a lot

Hi @fritz, yes, when the new version is ready to be released, it will be included on Staging. Currently it’s being tested before the release. We have to make sure we include all the necessary changes from the Pi team’s release, and that things are running well together.

Will keep you posted!

+1 for this - I just purchased and built five new Pi 3 Model B+ last night and none of them are booting. :frowning:
Is there and ETA for the production release?

Support for RPi 3B+ is in production now (resinOS v2.12.5+rev1).


Great. Just noticed when I saw the newsletter. Already up and running :wink:

I‘m curious to know if the version is available or not. I don’t see it anywhere. I’m guessing you are running into development issues. Any ETA? Thanks.

@South-Rider the RPi 3B+ is supported within the RPi 3 image, so is not listed as a separate version.