Provisioning RPi3 fails on wifi

I have added a new RPi3 to on of my apps but it fails to connect to resin servers when using wifi. If i plug in an ethernet cable and power cycle the device it is displayed in the dashboard and the app is downloaded and started as expected. I have tested the scenario twice.

The wifi setup should be correct as it was generated within the downloaded RPi3 image and has been compared to the file used on a RPi2 which is successfully running another app, connection to resin servers included, via wifi.

@mhe_lorenz , have you compared (or copied) the /system-connections/resin-wifi in the boot partition (the FAT one), on both devices?


Yes, they are identical according to diff.

… And you have tested your Rpi3 with aRaspbian distribution? … WiFi is working?

Unfortunately yes. The RPi has been tested working with regular raspbian jessie on wifi.

@mhe_lorenz Have you verified that your network satisfies our network requirements? We’ve often found some networks disable these ports that ResinOS requires.

The network satisfies the requirements and the test on the RPi2 runs with the exact same setup on the same network - except of course using an image for the RPi2.

@abrodersen o you have any further suggestions or checks I could make? We really want to use resin for managing our production devices but that is not possible at the moment as we need the wifi - also on RPi3 not just RPi2.

This is an odd one to be sure, I’ve personally got several RPi3 devices hooked up to just fine, and the difference with RPi2 is quite interesting. Would you mind answering a couple of questions to help us dig:

  1. What version of ResinOS is running on the compared devices?
  2. What channel and country is your WiFi running in?
  3. Is it possible that your WiFi is set to use one of the narrower regulatory domains (

@sqweelygig this indeed seems odd!

Both devices run Resin OS 2.9.6+rev1 (prod) and the wifi runs on auto channel configuration (as that have proved to work best for other devices) in Denmark.

In regards to the regulatory domains I’m not really sure what you are asking. The wifi complies with the danish regulations meaning that the channels assigned in auto are within the range 1-11.

Fair enough. I know that in the UK we have an extra channel or two that some OS downloads have to be told to look for.