newbie unable to select 32-bit for RPi 3

Trying to add new device via the dashboard. The only RPi options are Pi 3 (using 64-bit OS) and Pi 4. I’ve a 3 B+.

Full story: built a 64-bit image and had no sound. From forum, discovered 32-bit is recommended for balena-sound, so I deleted the device in attempt to start fresh.


Had to start a new application, and that gave me the option of Pi3 vs. Pi3(64-bit).

Hi Steve,

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Devices in the same application have to share the same architecture in order for them to be able to share code. That means that if you have an application created for a Raspberry PI 4, you can add only devices with the same architecture (aarch64), that’s why you only see the option to add the "Pi 3 (using 64-bit OS).

As you have figured out, creating a new application for 32-bit devices is the correct solution.

Here is some documentation on applications

Please let us know if you have any further issues

Felipe, thank you ! I now have it running with the innomaker DAC hat.

Even when connected to my home network via ethernet, the music contains skips every 20 seconds or so. Is this to be expected in a RPi 3B+?

This is a fun project with lots of potential, but the skips are somewhat concerning.


Hi Steve, it definitely is not expected, but just out of curiousity, what happens when you disable Multi-Room by setting the device to STANDALONE? You can find documentation / follow these instructions to turn it off:

Hi David,

You can change your expectations. :slight_smile:

Added SOUND_MODE STANDALONE and the skipping stopped. Changed the parameter to MULTI_ROOM and the skipping returned. Changed parameter to MULTI_ROOM_CLIENT (my hoped for future configuration) and no skipping, though this may not be a valid test since I don’t have a multiroom server feeding anything to it.

Thanks a lot, David. Now I just need to find a decent amp to pair with this and looks like I’ll be ready to setup a multiroom sound system. I’ll use a Pi4 for the master!


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That’s great to hear! Let us know how it goes with the new amp