Official Launch of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3


I just wanted to share one of the greatest news this morning (CET)! The Raspberry Pi Group has officially launched the Compute Module based on the latest Raspberry Pi 3.

Since I am doing a lot of work on the industrial sector I can tell you that you cannot find any other SBC / Module (call it whatever you want - you all know what I mean) with a similar price tag:

The Compute Module 3 will be available for 25$ (external eMMC / SD-Card) or 30$ (on-board eMMC) and both have the 1,2 GHz Quad-Core ARM and 1GB RAM - this is amazing! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

For - in my eyes this means that the Compute Module can really help boost onto the industrial sector. For my customers - we are working with and have just set up our first larger scaled project - the compute module will definitely be a very very good option!

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 + = Industrial / IoT Heaven! :smile: :blush:

By the way: The Raspberry Foundation has great open source hardware documents available. Using the reference design of the Raspberry 1/2/3 it’s very easy to add for example wired connectivity using the SMSC Ethernet Chip. Using a Broadcom BCM43438 SMT Module, we can add Wireless/BTLE to the Compute Module.

I am so super excited what people come up with - using the Compute Module 3!

As soon as there is a project that I can show - I will post it here!


Yes, as for all Raspberry Pi releases, we are looking at the Compute Module 3 and how to best support it. :tools: Looking forward seeing what you are doing, and we’ll post any update on the forums too!

Yes, very excited as well. Currently in the process of designing & prototyping our own PCB with various microcontrollers in combination with the compute module. It was already awesome with the CM1, but now with the CM3 this is gonna be extreme :wink:

All running on resin of course, so glad with the support from resin for this module :slight_smile:

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Hey @FransvanHoogstraten that is so great! I have been making plans of using a enabled device in conjunction with a(n Arduino compatible) Microcontroller.

Reason for this is the lack of real-time compatibility - but instead of patching the kernel - which won’t work with resinOS I guess - we are “out-sourcing” the real-time critical code to the microcontroller. And within industrial situations this microcontroller has all the industrial peripherials attached to it. and a heavy use of the Public-URL makes this controller a “fog” (not cloud) based industrial controller which share a concept I call “RESTful Machines”.

The RPi Compute Module is a perfect fit in this setup! So so super excited! I just ordered mine! :heart_eyes:


We’ve just got some CM3 in the London office :package: (@andrei should be happy:), and I know others on the team were getting their hardware in the last 24 hours or so. Looks very neat, can’t wait to try it too! :grin:

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@imrehg wow that’s cool - mine just arrived at our office! :heart_eyes:

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Btw, if you’d like to try, the latest beta resinOS releases on should support CM3, and production support is coming soon.

Would love to hear your experience with them! :slight_smile:

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@imrehg you ruined my evening :smile: :blush:

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I’ve just taken a look into the available board listed there but I could finde the Compute Module listed so I guess I have to chose the Image for RPi3 and Compute Module support is built into this?

Yes, that should be it. :checkered_flag: The CM3 is basically a RPi3 (stripped down, that is). We’ll need to add some documentation to this effect before it gets into production.

I can confirm that the RPi 3 Compute Module is working with the beta release of resinOS. I have tested it with the official development kit / board and an attached WiFi Stick and also with this industrial RPi Compute Module based Gateway - They sell those gateways with CM1 but I have replaced it with an CM3:

I tested the Kunbus RevolutionPi Gateway because it has an SMSC LAN95xx USB / Ethernet Chip on-board and I wanted to see if the resinOS initializes the Ethernet Controller. And Yes! I can also confirm that wired ethernet using SMSC LAN95xx also works with resinOS and the Compute Module 3!

Ah and, both the CM3 and CM3Lite (no onboard eMMC) worked!

Good job!

:smile: :heart_eyes:

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Simon, we’ve been trying to get RevPi’s working with Resin. I can replace the entire OS and it works find, but that prevents you from using any of their other modules for digital I/O, ethernet/IP, etc.

I tried following their instructions to build a custom RevPi OS image based on a Resin image, and that was a bit of a cluster.

Do you know of any workaround for getting their hardware to work with all the features when running Resin? Maybe putting their OS in a container somehow?

Hey @imrehg - I was just trying to see if the Compute Module (3) is supported by Resin and only forums provided the information. I think it would be good to update Single-board computers - Balena Documentation and the dashboard to make it clear there!

Hi @kkom,

Thanks for point that out.
Yes the CM3 is support by Resin.

We are about to release our own CM3 carrier board Balena Fin. Some background info ( )

Some early adopters have the boards in their hands and we’ll be doing a full release in a few weeks. You can check the datasheet here