Raspberry Pi 3 does not connect to wifi

I have a Pi 3 with resinos installed with Etcher, wifi credentials are entered before download. The Pi 3 can boot into resin logo screen, but it does not connect to Wifi in my office (blinks 4 times). Office wifi was setup with WPA2 AES encryption.

SSID and psk checked, I can connect them with a notebook, security type is “WPA2 Personal” and should work with key-mgmt=wpa-psk. I can connect with raspbian pixel, but the resinos just won’t connect.

Further tested with my home wifi, it works. This may be related to wifi configurations that only NetworkManager does not understand, or requires more specific config directives.

But I’m not sure where to start.

Are you using a ResinOS 2.0 image? If so, can you put the SD card into your computer and verify that the credentials are correct?

You should be able to find them in the resin-boot partition on the SD card in /system-connections/resin-wifi.

Yes, I checked both /config.json and /system-connections/resin-wifi and they are both correct.

In fact that’s how I managed to connect my home wifi.

So to recap that we understand it well:

  • on your home network resinOS, Raspbian and your notebook can connect
  • on your office network Raspbian and your notbook can connect, but resinOS can not

Is that so?

If yes, could you share with us the config that Raspbian was connecting with, the network part of the /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file, as well as the contents of resin-wifi? (your SSID and password scubbed, of course). Trying to think what network settings difference might be between the two. What system does your notebook use? (if it happens to use NetworkManager for the connection by any chance, could compare your office config from there?)