Device online with LAN but not using WIFI

I’ve followed this tutorial and all is running using LAN, but the wifi is not working, if I disconnect LAN cable the device it’s offline even after a phisical reboot.

I’ve checked the resin-wifi file and ssid and pass is correct…

Any advice here?


What OS version are you using? How did you configure the OS image before flashing? What device are you using? You could also enable support access to the device and share the UUID with us so we can take a look?

thanks a lot for your quick answer.

OS: balenaOS 2.47.0+rev1
UUID: 3b575bf21ad5afc36918d549be964a5f
Support access granted


The configured wifi network is not in range. You can see the available wifi network by running nmcli d wifi list in the host os. Depending on the raspberry pi version it might not support a 5GHz network (in case your network is 5GHz). Also you might have to check the WiFi channels, there can be regional differences for some special channels.

The channel affects or it’s explicit in the resin-wifi ?
I mean, what I should have to take in account about the channels?


Sorry I might not have been clear enough in my last answer. : ) I meant that the channels of the WiFi network (the AP) should be compatible with the settings and HW of the device. Depending on the country these can be different or blocked because of local regulation. See for more info. With iw phy0 info you should be able to see the available channels on the device.

Also you don’t have to disconnect the ethernet to debug the WiFi connectivity. You can check if a WiFi connection can be established using nmcli in the webterminal, while the device is connected through ethernet.

To know that I can check the WIFI connection while device is connected to the LAN is a very good info!!

Despite this…still…nothing. I’m using the best wifi signal according:
nmcli d wifi list

But the nmcli shows wlan: disconnected

BTW: all wifi’s in this place are in 2,4Ghz band

would it be possibile to setup an hotspot with your mobile phone to make other tests to see if the problem is in the device or in the OS or maybe in the network you are trying to reach

I’ll try

Ok, I have a hotspot activated as you can see in the picture. But nmcli d wifi list command doesn’t show the wifi. I attach the image too

Thank you for the test made, it looks strange that the device can finds some and not others. Could you please give us the output of dmesg and journalctl -u NetworkManager --no-pager to see if there are some errors please ?

Would you by chance have a usb wifi dongle to try test with ?

dmesg.log (251.0 KB) Here you have the outputs
NetworkManager.log (374.5 KB)

Unfortunately I don’t have a usb wifi…

I found an error:
Mar 05 06:49:21 3b575bf NetworkManager[794]: [1583390961.7982] keyfile: load: “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/resin-wifi-01”: failed to load connection: invalid connection: 802-11-wireless-security.key-mgmt: ‘wpa2-psk’ is not a valid value for the property

This info is different from resin file on /mnt/boot/

I rewrite it both and reboot…but nothing

Well…it seems I could connect to the wifi using this:
nmcli d wifi connect my_wifi password

I will have to do it every time?

You shouldn’t need to do that every time. I would ask you to share your connection file if possibile. Meanwhile to check the auto connection you can add autoconnect=true to the [connection] section of your connection file in /mnt/boot/system-connection/resin-wifi-02






The connection file looks correct besides missing the first [connection] bit but I assume that was miss pasted. I would recommend you to try to reboot and see if the connection comes up again, it really should, if not I’ll need to see the NM logs again. May I also ask you the device type ?

Yes sorry, I forgot [connection], but it’s in my file, as you assumed was a PASTE fail… :wink:

I’ve just rebooted and it connects…many thanks, I’ll check again all tomorrow.

BTW the device is a RPI3

Perfect. let us know if you have any other problems

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