RPI 3 WiFi Connection Problem

Hello, quick RPI WiFi problem. I’m using just the base raspbian install (resin/rpi-raspbian) and I’ve been unable to connect to any wifi (unsecured or WPA2) although ethernet works fine. Has anyone else experienced similar problems?

I have tried installing wicd and it shows all the networks and all, but when I try to connect, it just sits there and fails at trying to connect or obtaining an ip address. My attempts so far have only been on the Jessie install inside my application; I have not tried the resin-wifi-connect module yet.

I’m using Resin version Resin OS 1.24.1 with Supervisor version 2.8.3. I believe it is managed as well.

Did you configure the WiFi credentials when you downloaded the image from the dashboard?
Is your WiFi dongle on our supported list?

Finally, I recommend you give resinOS2.x a try.

I have not tried working with the resin-wifi-connect module yet. Is using that the best way to do the wifi connection instead of from inside my application container on say the Jessie OS? I am just planning to use the Pi 3’s onboard wifi to handle connecting.

I will try upgrading to resin 2.x as well.

If you are using Raspberry Pi 3, would recommend using the resin/raspberrypi3-debian image instead of the resin/rpi-raspbian. The latter is really more for the original Raspberry Pi, and you’d get better results out of using the one optimized for your hardware (it still pulls in the Raspbian repositories, btw).

What kind of use case you have mind mind?

Most of the time we’d not recommend setting the network from within the application container, unless it’s really necessary, because if something goes wrong in your application, you might end up with a device that cannot be updated remotely anymore.

To clarify, resin-wifi-connect is already setting the wifi connection from inside the container.

You can see more info on the topic of networking in the docs at Networking on resinOS 2.0 (nutshell: the change of using NetworkManager in resinOS 2.0 is really good for your networking capabilities in pretty much every case. :wifi: