Resin-wifi-connect not working on Raspberry Pi 3


setting up the wifi connection “in-the-field” is one of the most important features, but unfortunately the nice resin-wifi-connect capture portal does not work with the Pi 3.

Everything installs fine and the Access Point “ResinAP” shows up on other devices. But once you try to connect to it, it never succeeds and the capture portal never appears. I tested with Pi2 and USB dongle and it worked fine.

Any ideas? The internet suggests that the on-board wifi chip supports SoftAP, e.g. [][1]



Hi Tobias, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll give it a look ASAP. By the way, the community is moving to our gitter chat room ( ) where you’ll see a lot more activity moving forward.


In case anyone else bumps into this, we’re discussing both on gitter and this GitHub issue - there’s a workaround there.